FAQ - FanArtMerch

Q: Why did we start up this store? - A: To supply merchandise to the community that hasn't been made yet. Also, support many content creators over the lifespan of the store.

Q: Who does FanArtMerch donate to? - A: Overtime, we plan to help raise money for content creators throughout the year from bloggers to cos-players.  

Q: Where are we based in? - A: Currently, we are located in Arlington, TX. 

Q: What are the continuing steps for FanArtMerch? - A: At the moment, we are trying to establish a solid footing in the business industry.  So basically, a final draft. We need to make a few edit before we can produce another product. Also, we will send out emails with special offers and polls to decide on what design should be next. Selected few will receive free products to test out and decide if enough satisfaction was gained. 

Q: How long does shipping take? - A: 1-4 weeks depending on your location. We tend to ship on the day a order is placed to be more efficient.

Q: How is the product decided on? - A: We will send a email to supporters and customers to decide on the next product. A select of the responding will receive the next product to rate and take pictures. Hopefully, as the community grows we would be able to do bigger projects.